Public Domain Models v1.2
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Public Domain Models is the place to share 3D Models under Public Domain and CC0 License. The website you are previewing is a mirror from (formerly CC0 3DS). The reason do migration from Blogger that is can not freely write more the UI/UX. Obviously it is now fully Open Source under MIT License and hosted on Github. You can get access to server-side code and be allowed to know how the website operates.

The 3D Models that created are currently from the minimum system requirements and from the basic shapes (low poly) without being encrypted, so you can choose Creative Commons by you and use it however. If you are expect 3D Models that includes a lot of assets, maybe will make it a few parts when it’s published. These 3D Models are shared with priority to be able to see the results of the sample rendering with minimum system requirements, although I can create more detailed 3D models and then use render farm to see the results.

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